Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fall Back into Color (Red)

And now, ladies and gentlemen, for my next trick---uh, I mean, for my third featured color of the Fall Back into Color series--- and by popular RED!

Red is one of my absolute favorite colors! You can say, I pretty much *heart* red.
And now, a moment for me to tell you a sad, but true (and yet amusing) story...
For a short time in my life, I didn't wear any red clothing due to a traumatic experience in elementary school, involving a boy that I really liked, and my favorite red sweatshirt. Needless to say, he apparently didn't like me back very much, and when he yelled out "Hey Kool-aid" (in reference to the Kool-aid man)...I was humiliated! I never wore that sweatshirt to school again. After that day, grey and navy blue became my favorite colors to wear to school. Well...those days are long gone, and not only is red one of my most worn colors, but I now wear it with pride. And no, I don't answer to the name of "Kool-aid."

How does my "Kool-aid" story relate to my F.B.I.C. photos you ask? It really doesn't, but I guess I thought of it because of fall being the start of a new school year, and when I thought of school and the color of red, I thought of that instance. Although I really should have told you about how my college colors were red and black (Go Mansfield University!) and how it made for one good looking cheerleading uniform (well, minus the pleated skirt).

Anyway, when I see the color red now, three words that come to my mind are: love, passion, and life. These are definitely words that describe me and my photography. I love to be able to capture moments that go by so quickly in a split second, and hold on to those memories fact, I'm very passionate about trying to catch every matter how big or small, serious or silly it may be---they are all, in some shape or form, important moments in life.

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Stay tuned for part four!


Erin said...

I always loved wearing red too. Gorgeous photos!

Liesl said...

You are a good writer! I always enjoy reading your stories. (and of course looking at your pictures too!) Great job on the series!